The annual review we received from our lake consultants, Onterra LLC., for the 2021 dive season was exceptional.  Diver hand harvesting met or exceeded its predetermined goals in all target areas on the lake.  The divers harvested over 1200 pounds of EWM from the lake, a significant increase in weight over the last three years of harvesting.  The mild winter and warm spring was attritubited to the increase in EWM.  Onterra’s recommendation is to continue to monitor and control EWM as currently done with hand harvesting techniques. They confirmed that hand harvesting was the most appropriate way of controlling Eurasian milfoil on Squash Lake.




A survey of the native wetland plants in the loon bay area of the lake was completed.  The survey concluded that the wetlands was healthy and plays a vital role in the overall health and wellbeing of Squash Lake.  




Our same dive team is on board to dive for us next year.  We are always looking for new divers to train.  If interested, contact us through email.  




The Aquatic Plant Management Plan is almost complete.  All reports and data have been submitted to the DNR for final review and approval.  Look for notification from the Lake District soon to view a presentation from Onterra about the overall health of the lake and the new goals that will be put in place to maintain the health of the lake and enjoyment opportunities available to all.




We completed application for a new Eurasian Milfoil Management Grant and once more was supported by the state with a new two year grant.