Squash Lake is a 398 acre deep-seepage lake glacial lake. It has no regular inlet or outlet stream.  It is located in the Towns of Crescent and Woodboro in Southern Oneida County, WI. Originally home to the George E. Wood Lumber Company until its destruction by fire in the early 1900’s, Squash Lake became a vacation resort lake in the ‘40’s, ‘50’s, and ‘60’s, having as many as 5 separate resorts operating at one time. Although there are no longer any resorts on Squash Lake, it is now home to both year round residents, and vacation homeowners alike. For its size, the highly irregular 7.1 mile shoreline offers numerous bays and coves, with plenty of room in the two main bodies of the lake for waterskiing and other activities.  Approximately 4088 ft of shoreline along a glacial esker peninsula is protected in a land trust, The Dugan Nature Preserve. This land trust includes 5.6 acres of woodland containing trails for public access. An additional 3823 ft of shoreline has been placed in a private conservation easement. Together, these create 1.5 miles of protected, natural shoreline. 

The average depth of Squash Lake is 22 ft, with the deepest part of the lake plunging to 74 ft. There are two state-owned islands. Marshall Island, the larger of the two, is home to nesting eagles and has sandy beaches for swimmers. Access to the other island, Scrub Oak Island, is currently prohibited by the DNR for shoreline restoration. There are two boat landings on Squash Lake. Gudis Landing, off Long Lake Rd, is the main public boat access. Opalka Landing, off Bay Rd, is a non-motorized carry-in landing.

The water quality of the lake is considered excellent, with high water clarity. Because of the exceptional water quality, the lake has one of the highest native aquatic plant diversity indices in the State of Wisconsin. Several native aquatic plants of interest to the State can be found in Squash Lake, including Vasey’s Pond Weed. The abundant diversity of native aquatic plants, excellent water quality, as well as long stretches of undisturbed shoreline, a mix of sandy and rocky shores, and numerous bays,  provide a home for a variety of panfish, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass. Loons, Bald Eagles, Osprey, are commonly found on or around Squash Lake. The bog at the end of the southeastern bay is home to nesting loons, Sandhill Cranes, Green and Great Blue Herons, geese, ducks and other wildlife during the summer.